Come show your strength in the Soph-Fit Games!

Hermann Seele is given credit for organizing the Turnverein in New Braunfels in 1855 for the purpose of promoting gymnastics, but it was more than that. They sponsored entertaining programs, literary events, and formed a fire-fighting brigade. Another purpose was to improve and promote intellectual and moral culture of youth.

In the Sophienburg Museum, pictures and belts are part of the Vereine exhibit. Read more here.




$500 worth of prizes went out to the hardy souls who braved the cold wet weather for the 2015 Soph-Fit Games.

Winners were:

Male: Alex Pinillo

Female: Annette Portell

FitnessLab CrossFit and YMCA designed a fun “light” WOD for competitors to join in the Soph-Fit Games on historic Sophienburg Hill.







Event 1:  800m Run
Event 2:  Hand-Release Push-Ups x 25
Event 3:  Ball Slams x 25 (Men’s Weight 25# – Women’s Weight 15#)
Event 4:  Alternating Plated Overhead Lunge x 50 (Men’s Weight 25# – Women’s Weight 15#)
Event 5:  Ab-Mat Sit Ups x 50
Event 6:  Russian Kettlebell Swings x 50 (Men’s Weight 53# – Women’s Weight 36#)
Event 7:  Uphill Medball Carry  to Throw– 200m shuttle (Men’s Weight 20# – Women’s Weight 14#)

 kettle bell

Upcoming Tastes

two rivers at esf 2

Two Rivers Yoga offers 5K warm-up!

02/28/2015 | 7:30 AM

A proper warm-up is crucial to injury prevention, so we thank Sara for this special addition to our event!


Check us out on Radio NB

02/28/2015 | 10:30 AM

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Gotta have it!

02/28/2015 | 10.30 AM

Get your tickets online and add this gorgeous glass to your collection! www.braunfest.com

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